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got bees? 2021 Nucs for Sale!

StellaLou home apiary during winter preparation in autumn

We changed our management strategies significantly after a sad 2019/20 winter, having had over 60% losses. With these changes: our apiary expanded three fold without buying a single bee, we harvested a respectable amount of honey, and our winter clusters are strong and healthy this winter. In addition, we met our goal to manage varroa mite loads without harsh chemicals. We use organic acids along with timely hive management strategies.

With all of that happy news; we look to have at least 20 five-frame nucleus colonies (nucs) to sell in early to mid May 2021. These nucs will have local overwintered queens (mutts) that were hatched and mated in July 2020. The nucs are $150 each. I am starting a waiting list. If you are interested, Contact Us and let us know how many you are interested in purchasing. Once your name is on the list, I can give you updates and instructions. Deposits will not be due until spring approaches. Of course, please, let us know if you have any questions. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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