The very strong bamboo grove at one “corner” of StellaLou doesn’t stay in the lines. Its fuzzy edges are mischievous and reach into the woodlot, the pond, and the neighbor’s yard. Yes, I admit that I’ve grumbled at the enormous crops of bamboo shoots that threaten to take over the land each spring and summer. I’m hoping that they will serve as dinner for goats in the future! With proper preparation, they are edible for humans, too. 

We, occasionally, end up with a pile of drying surplus bamboo from thinning the grove and tidying the gardens. I am intrigued with the idea of making biochar from the bamboo but it takes proper preparation. For now, we Bam-Boom! The bamboo is segmented and with sufficient heat; air and moisture trapped in those segments begin to steam and expand and, then, explode. For safety, we avoid burning a large amount of bamboo that is too green. The video below is fire from 2 year old drying bamboo. Still pretty good Bam-Boom! 

Bamboo inspires the imagination! It’s made for awesome playgrounds and clubhouses for children in the past, and will, very soon, in the future. It is material for bean poles and pea trellises and tomato stakes. Birds and deer and bunnies find food and shelter there. Our graceful grove sings and dances with the wind. It’s year round greenery droops in the rain and bows in the snow. We love our beautiful bamboo. 

There is no end to the creative purposes the bamboo grove can serve! We have plans…so many plans. Stay tuned! 

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Stellalou 4.0

StellaLou is going through some very interesting changes. It has been a challenging and exciting year. Unfortunately, our posts have been few and far between. We will try to improve on that as the weather gets colder and the days get shorter and work slows down a bit.

My daughter, Hannah, her husband, Paul, and their baby, (little “Z”) have been living in the old farmhouse since the end of May. They have already done some brilliant renovations there.

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J and I are, slowly but surely, having a house built ‘cross the drive. AND, as soon as we get the go ahead to move in, my mom (big “Z”) will move in with us. Yahoo!

So, as you can see Who StellaLou is…is so much more! 4 generations on this family homestead!

As all these changes are being made, our business and farm goals are, necessarily, expanding. Aside from the construction and renovation that is happening, we continue to garden, to tend the orchard, to tend the bees, to watch things grow, to extract and sell honey (We have plenty of delicious raw honey on hand to sell…Come ‘n’ get it!), to cook and preserve our produce, to make mead, to tend our chickens; to study and experiment and learn.

We will sell hatching eggs from our Icelandic chickens in the spring…maybe even some chicks. We are considering how we’d like to go forward in providing more educational programs. We are planning an event, open to all, in July.

So, stay tuned!

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I insist, a-Fuyu

I picked a bunch of orange colored  Fuyu persimmons from our orchard this morning after yesterday’s snowfall. The taste is fresh, mild, pleasant, and sweet. The texture is crisp. For the eyes, Fuyu is a show-stopper! We experimented with dehydrating slices of persimmon.


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