We’ve had a busy 2016 season and the bees provided us with a bountiful supply of honey. People have been asking whether we sell our honey and where they could purchase it. I decided to make a page to make the information more accessible on the site.


We do not filter or heat our honey. We, generally, bottle in one pound jars. We can, also, provide quart jars if requested. They hold a bit over 2.75 pounds of honey.

Our good friends, Jim and Sally, are selling our honey at their farm, IMBY at MistyHollow in Westtown, PA (Chester County). Their address is here. Treat yourself to a visit! They sell their delicious seasonal fruits and vegetables that they grow without the use of chemical sprays, pesticides, or herbicides. You might, also, fill your shopping bag with fresh organic eggs from their hens and tempting specialty items created in their kitchen. Just look out for their sign on Street Road in Westtown.

You may not live near Westtown and, instead, live closer to the Cochranville/Oxford area in Southern Chester County. Though we do not, yet, have a farmstand; we have plenty of honey and welcome visitors. If you would like to visit here, please, use our contact page.  We respond to messages quickly and we’ll see what we can do to supply you with some of the sweet stuff!

Steve and Katie Stoltzfus, also, have jars of our raw honey for sale at their organic dairy: Sunset View Pastures Farm, 751 Saw Mill Road, Cochranville, PA 19330.  It is a real treat to visit their beautiful farm. You won’t be able to resist taking some of their super fresh nutritious raw milk, dairy products, and free range chicken eggs home with you!

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