Fauna or the signs of fauna (tracks, droppings, sound, etc) observed on property or near surrounds.

It’s all Yellow

The dandelion bloom has begun…a wonderful event of the season. The pollinators are taking advantage of the warm sunny day to bring in the food that dandelions provide. Crayola color pollen from all kinds of flowers poured into the honey bee hives.







Many pollinators are attracted to the golden blooms of the dandelion, not just honey bees!


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And, then, there was Spring!

This is a photo-heavy “catch you up” post. If you click on the pictures, you will be able to see a larger image.

Toward the end of winter, we had some de-construction done in preparation for major renovation of the underground house. More to come on that…over time.


The foyer

We painted equipment for expansion of the apiary and we installed 8 new hives. Happily, all of the queens in the new packages were accepted by the workers.


Newly painted woodenware for the apiary


Preparing the woodenware


And, then, there were ten


Bees in flight

We are making mead. We are tasting it with friends and family before its time and it is good. I have, also, tried my hand at rendering beeswax. We plan on sealing our corked mead with the beeswax.


Honey wine


Bees wax

Spring arrived and the bees are flying to collect pollen and nectar from fresh new blossoms. Snakes are warming themselves on hay bales. The goldfish are coming to the surface of the pond. Toads are singing and mating and there are spiraling strands of eggs at the waters edge. There are so many glorious signs of spring!


Honey bee on deck with maple pollen


Snugglin’ snakes


Goldfish (aka heron food) in the pond


Honey bee on snowdrop

Ginkgo is growing, getting into all kinds of mischief, and learning to swim.


Ginkgo can swim!

The garden tasks march forth with seedlings in the house, hardening off in the cold frames, planting spinach and kale and cabbage out in the garden. Potatoes and onions are tucked in. The garlic and asparagus are growing. The peas, radish, beets, carrots, and arugala are sprouting.


Garlic patch


Ladybug on indoor Pac Choi seedling

The cuttings I took in the fall are showing life and I have a lot of transplanting and potting up to do. Kiwi, gooseberries, currants, roses, goumi, and blueberries.


Kiwi cutting

Paul proposed to, my daughter, Hannah under the apple tree and she said, “Yes!”



Hannah and Paul didn’t just hang out kissing all day either (thank goodness!) They dove into some serious work: moving wood chips into garden paths, planting potatoes and raspberries, cutting wood, beekeeping, planting fruit trees,…and testing the mead…and, yeah, kissing.

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New puppy in the house! Introducing Gingko, a 3 month female lab mix. She was rescued from a high kill shelter in the south and was being fostered at a home in New Jersey. Loving her!

She works hard…

I took advantage of warmer weather to dig 10 more holes for new trees. Gingko picked up key skills very quickly!


She plays hard…

George left his ball when he was visiting this summer. No sense to let a fine ball sit around and get dusty. Thanks, George!


….and when there are no toys to play with, Gingko has no problem entertaining herself!


Gingko is livin’ the life at StellaLou!



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