About This Site

This blog is, first and foremost, an educational tool for others as well as ourselves.

The site is intended to include:

  • A growing collection of information and observations with  regard to flora, fauna, soil, water, topography, climate, infrastructure, community, etc. at StellaLou Farm and its near surrounds;
  • Strategies from permaculture design as well as other systems that are in line with our goals and our vision;
  • Events at StellaLou Farm;
  • Reports from the homestead.

To make finding information easier, the reader can go to Categories in the sidebar at the right hand side of the page to access a particular topic.

I use links in my blog posts so that the reader can go into more depth as they wish. These “clickable” links are underlined and the type is in blue.

To supplement the blog posts; I’m sharing active Google Drive spreadsheets. The current spreadsheets refer to the fauna and flora on the site and they will be developed over time. The spreadsheets will have highlighted entries. The yellow highlight indicates that I have created a post relevant to that entry and you can do a search on the blog to find those details. For Fauna go to this link. For Flora, go to this linkHere is the link for Forest Analogs. These links can, also, be found in the Website Links section.

Feedback is, gratefully, welcomed.


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One thought on “About This Site

  1. hi michaelann,
    your farm looks fabulous….
    do you have days where one can come and visit? without being a nuisance? just to admire all your work?
    i feel so proud to know you a little bit… actually to have some of your work hanging in my living room!
    i have a little friend and a friend who is doing city gardening who would love to see your place in action.
    we would be very much blending and not requiring any attention.
    happy spring
    verena t.

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