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J and I are entering into a new adventure together. We are not farmers and we are not ranchers. Our backgrounds are diverse. He has experience in metallurgy, plumbing, general contracting, electric, logistics, communications, computer programming…should I go on? I have a background in art, occupational therapy, and permaculture design. I started experimenting with permaculture design at our home in the inner suburbs of Philadelphia. The connections and experiences that grew from that have been life changing.


After receiving my permaculture design certification a few years ago (has it been that long!?), I spent some time as an intern at Heathcote Community so that I could learn more about gardening, permaculture, and intentional communities. There, I met a fantastic group of people that touched my life in surprising ways. It is through that experience, however indirectly, that we came upon the Birthright Farm in Chester County, PA (now, StellaLou Farm). Artie Yeatman donated that land to the School of Living years ago. We worked with the School of Living (SoL) to take the land on as one of their Community Land Trust properties.  This is the SoL webpage. The School of Living is an amazing organization with a heartfelt mission and we are very fortunate to be associated with it. You will find that Artie comes up in my posts often. Artie passed away in 2012. We are thankful that we were able to share time with him. We are, also, grateful to be getting to know his wife, June, who lives (I’m happy to say) just a couple of miles away.

“Why ‘StellaLou’?” you ask. In the spring of 2012, we brought four lovely hens into our lives. One was sort of special. She is StellaLou!


Now, we are straddled between two households as we get the Elkins Park house ready to sell.  I’m glad that our Indie was able to spend quality time at StellaLou before she passed away. She had a long happy life. We’ll miss her.





5 thoughts on “About Us

  1. June Yeatman

    Oh Michaelann adn Jerome, this is just fantastic, your pictures are crystal clear and the growing plantlets are an inpsiration to me; the movies just capture the highlights, as though I had been there. I congratulate you and your wonderful abilities with ‘computers’ and technology you used. That March Saturday work party was amazing and removed the main eyesore on the farm. Thanks hugely, I hope Artie is able to see all these changes from some happy place.

  2. This looks great, I have some serious sentimental attachment to this property and am really thrilled to see you all taking it over. I hope my family and I can come visit you soon!

  3. Mary Sweeten

    Hi, I’m looking for a nice picture of gooseberries to run with a story in the October Weavers Way Shuttle and I saw one you had posted on the Elkins Park site. Would it be OK to use it? Thanks, Mary Sweeten, Shuttle editor

  4. June Yeatman of School of Living.

    Happy to have my four friends, hens of various ages moved into StellaLou farm, and they did not miss a beat as they laid 2 eggs on their first morning, from the two black hens. “Blue” is molting with new feathers growing fast; she will lay blue eggs soon I hope and Goldie may be past her laying age. Hoping they enjoy and appreciate their new home. By laying 2 eggs I think they are saying loudly that they do. Their house is palatial, airy and large. Now housing 5 point-of-lay pullets, plus four of Michaelann’s and my four – totaling 13 and hoping for a productive team soon.
    I miss their gentle caw cawing, but I hear more of the jays and Carolina wren and other chatterers.

  5. Dear Michaelann ~ You are really moving along into your vision . . .SO EXCITING. I cannot wait to visit and buy eggs [if you are selling them]. For now I hope to see you at the Bee Conference in West Chester this March. What is your address to see where you are located? xxx Gerry

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