Our Orchard Fence


3dfence1Below, you will find a slide presentation that describes how we built our deer fence before we put in our orchard. This was a successful strategy for us, so, I thought I’d share.

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4 thoughts on “Our Orchard Fence

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  2. June Yeatman

    Excellent – I congratulate you on all your thorough research and the mechanical help with the PTO, saves so much times and energy. Studied your choice of various trees and especially apple trees.
    When growing up we had 3 varieties, James Grieve (my favorite apple), Cox’s Orange Pippin, see you have a Pippin, and Worcester Pear Main. This was in England, so those actual varieties are not really available in in USA. this was also back in 1940s, so different fruit varieties have been developed. Enjoyed the slides showing every step. Wonderful and now watching these happy trees maturing, thanks for such detail.

  3. David Kushin

    Nicely documented, bet ur ready for spring.

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