Chester County Rainbow

January 10, 2016 just before 5:00 p.m. It got up to 60 degrees F. today, some rain with strong wind. It will drop to ’round 24 degrees F. tonight. A change in the weather!




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3 thoughts on “Chester County Rainbow

  1. June Yeatman of School of Living.

    Lovely rainbow shots across the ‘green’ fields, we are currently looking at white snow covered landscapes. The Icelandic birds are nicely feathered up and the rooster is perfecting his morning crow routine. The chicken-tractor looks great and sturdy too. I would keep them in for a few days longer, so that the bond more with their new surroundings and also, letting some of the snow subside and show green grass and grubs that the chicks will find. Just my two pennoth ! June
    Congratulations on the whole project, excellent team work.

    • MicVee

      Thank you, June! I’ll take your advice and leave the chickens in for a bit longer.

      • June Yeatman of School of Living.

        Thanks, just a little patience, think like a chicken – and the old saying – “don’t spoil the ship (chicks) for a happoth of tar (time). Best wishes for your success ! June
        You are a diligent researcher – I love your orchard layout ☺ Very practical.

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