A well-oiled machine

I posted this video on Facebook but I like it so much, I want to post it here as well. J and Hannah and Paul bottled and corked over 80 bottles of mead without pause or flaw…like a well-oiled machine. I think this is beautiful work!

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2 thoughts on “A well-oiled machine

  1. Junevy

    Hello all, thanks for your blog and now a report on Mead Making, you are certainly delving into some great products – enjoy your Christmas festivities with your wonderful philosophy of growing your own – organically of course. I just love what you are doing. Happy Christmas to all those little chooks, any laying eggs yet ? My little great grand children are asking to see ‘the chickens’ so I said in the new year when they return from Nova Scotia, 2 day drive. She, Becky is Canadian, and the children are just delightful to have around. Enjoyed reading about the projected orchard plans and swales. See you soon, June

    • MicVee

      We are starting to get eggs, June…one yesterday and a couple today. Not sure who is doing what yet 🙂
      It would be wonderful to have you visit, soon, with the children! Merry Christmas! Talk soon!

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