The kitchen window


I can’t resist a little photo play. This is the back/south side of the farmhouse where, three weeks ago, we completed another very satisfying bit of demolition. Thank you, AGAIN, Hannah and Paul, for your helping hands. We could not have done it without you!




This potting shed, most certainly, supported many seedlings in its time. Now, its disadvantages outweigh its advantages. The rotting roof and walls were not going to get better and the view of its mossy asphalt roof from the kitchen window was getting old, fast. The roof of the potting shed angled toward the house, directly, in front of our only first floor south facing window. The potting shed did support a full day of work and play this past spring as we pulled up the floor.  Here are some pictures from that wonderful April day.

The wooden floor was built over a three foot deep space which we filled in after the demolition in attempt to prevent any further dampness from affecting the house.

We rented an excavator for the project of demolition and excavation. Our weekend agenda was pretty full as we intended, also, to dig a trench and lay electrical conduit to the new office space (coming in one week!)  J operated the excavator while the rest of us hauled stuff to the dumpster. We did salvage some glass. We’re planning to build a greenhouse, eventually, with all the salvaged glass we are finding.

Finally, a view from the window! I will, eventually, be able to see J working in his office from the window. I can see our bee hives from this window. I see our new witch hazels trees as well as the old hazelnut hedge. I plan to set up my little perennial plant nursery in view of this window. Though I can, also, see all the projects that, yet, need to be tackled; I am feeling the warmth of the sun through this window. It is good!



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