Wild Food Event

I had the opportunity to spend a wonderful morning strolling through StellaLou’s pastures, garden areas, woodlot, and orchard; tasting the odd leaf and flower bud, and picking wild berries all whilst getting to know Sarah Murray. Sarah, from Pure Healing Insight, is an ethno-botanist and healer. Among other services, she teaches people how to identify and utilize wild plants for food and medicine. She was interested to see if StellaLou may be one possible site for her workshops. I was interested in hosting an educational event that was consistent with StellaLou’s vision and School of Living’s mission.  


Sisymbrium officinale, (Brassicaceae family) – a medicinal which is used for hoarseness. The French name, “Herbe aux Chantres” means “Singer’s herb.” (notes from Sarah)

After walking a bit, I asked Sarah if she could, actually, create a meal from what she found here. She looked at me and then out at the lush field. “Are you kidding?! There is SO much food here!” My eyes were opened wide to the abundance at StellaLou. I look forward to understanding, more deeply, what is right here in front of my eyes and my feet.


Galinsoga parviflora (Asteraceae family) – very tasty leaves!

So, Sarah and I seem to have found a match! Sarah has scheduled workshops at StellaLou on July 6th and 7th, 2013. The Saturday workshop will include a walk on the land with an introduction to wild plants. Instruction will include identification and utilization of the plants. Harvesting and preparing a meal from the wild plants is scheduled for Sunday. If these workshops interest you, go to this link for further information as well as for Sarah’s contact information.  I encourage you to look through her website to learn more about Sarah’s background, her services, and her workshop schedule.

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