Demolition Delight


This shed used to house farm equipment. It, also, housed an Austrian cast iron coal oven (estimated weight of more than 400 pounds) and a three point hitch with a scraper blade. Actually, the shed wasn’t useful for housing anything in this condition. My daughter, Hannah, was coming up to visit during her spring break. We decided to have a work party and a potluck! And work party we did….right upon this old shed!

We started by moving the remaining oven and we did it the old fashioned way…all the way to the barn!

We had enough strong bodies to lift the hitch and bring it to the barn. After that, we began the deconstruction!

We used our sledge hammers, pry bars, gloved hands and booted feet, sawzalls, rakes and shovels, and, yup, Steve’s Kubota!

And we did it!


Yes, We did it! But that wasn’t the most exciting part of that day. What was so extraordinary was this group of people that so enthusiastically joined us. They offered their energy and time, shared their ideas and knowledge, brought friendship and joy! Our new neighbors welcomed us and lent their support and shared their food, drink, and equipment without hesitation. It makes one speechless to be the receiver of such generosity. I sure hope that our gratitude was clear!

After sharing food, catching up with family and old friends, and making new connections; we felt full and warm and cozy in our new home!



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